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Guides to the World's Most Interesting Cities

Articles and features about the world's most interesting towns, cities and regions.

Thames view, London

Thames view, London


An antiquarian description of this Egyptian port from the 19th Century: Victorian Alexandria.

Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska's largest city, Anchorage, embodies the best of both worlds: Choose Anchorage, Alaska, for Your Adventure Cruise Destination


Amsterdam canal
Amsterdam has long been a top destination for weekend breaks for everyone: City Break: Amsterdam and Embrace Some Serenity With These Amsterdam Hangout Spots.


The Parthenon, Athens
Capital of Greece, this is a great destination for the visitor. Tourist Athens includes the ruins of classical Greece, after all the image of Athens - home to the Parthenon is iconic. Museums and smart shopping make Athens an all-year destination.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is well known for its thriving nightlife and cosmopolitan vibe: Auckland, New Zealand's Adventure City!


Parc Guell
Second city of Spain and major Mediterranean port, bustling Barcelona incorporates a delightful historic mix of Roman remains, medieval quarters and 20th century avant-garde art. See: Barcelona - Capital City of Catalunya, Barcelona - Las Ramblas, Barcelona - Sagrada Familia, Barcelona - Parc Guell.

Boise, Idaho

Boise offers everything from a stable economy and affordable housing to outdoor activities, art, culture and tasty cuisine. More at: The West is the Best: Open Your Doors to Boise, ID to Find a Dependable Economy


Made famous by Revolutionary events, infamous by cold winters, and both by the World-Series winning Red Sox, Boston has its fair share of reasons to visit: Boston, a Bargain Travel Guide


Brisbane, capital of Queensland, Australia. An insider's view of where best to go and what to do in this city of sunny days! Brisbane - every day a sunny day


Cardiff, the capital of Wales and formerly an industrial city, has undergone significant transformation in recent years, and is now a cosmopolitan city, rich in sport, entertainment, culture and other attractions. Things to do in Cardiff


The city is also a prime example of architectural variety, with medieval buildings such as the Red Abbey with its bell tower surviving to this day and the two majestic cathedrals of St Mary and St Finbarre. A guide to Cork City and its harbour


Croatia's landscape boosts crystal clear turquoise water, dramatic coastline and charming islands, while its cities are scattered with romantic pebble stone streets. More at A Guide To Croatia's Top Cities


Garden tombs
Despite being a bustling, busy and changing city, the capital of India still retains many tranquil historical sites where the past comes alive. Old Delhi, Delhi: The Red Fort, Delhi Tombs are among the best. Travel within Delhi has been much improved due to Kamal Nath and his work on improving infrastructure in the area.


Striking, sophisticated and forward-looking, Edinburgh rightly considers itself one of the major capital cities of Europe as you can see in the Edinburgh City Break Guide.


The county town of Devon, Exeter is easily accessible by road or rail and is packed with things to do for the whole family. Exeter City Break Guide


The city receives millions of visitors each year and it's easy to see why. See The Joys Of Florence.


The charming town of Funchal is the capital of Madeira and has long been a popular holiday destination: A guide to Funchal

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne gives you the small town feel with the big city amenities. More at: Affordable and Full of Opportunity: Fort Wayne for College Grads, Young Families


See the must-see attractions in Glasgow, Scotland.


It's a lively place, with a waterfront that buzzes with action around the surrounding restaurants, pubs, cafes and clubs: More at: Hobart, Tasmania


Courtyard Gateway, Jaipur
Rasjathan's Pink City is an amazing destination. More at: Jaipur: City Palace

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is billed as the capital of partying - a Mecca for uninhibited good times, and Sin City is constantly doubling down to maintain its reputation. More at: Traveling to Sin City: A Guide for Rookies
  • 5 Fun things to do in Leeds at the weekend
  • Lisbon

    "We drove over Lisbon yesterday in a blazing heat and saw the Church of St Vincent, and the Botanical Gardens where palms and prickly pears and huge cactuses were growing, and enormous oleanders covered all over with the richest red blossom ..." More at: Lisbon 1859


    Situated on the river Mersey in the North-West of England, Liverpool is a major UK city with an important history as a transatlantic port when ocean liners were the most significant means of transport to the Americas.


    This is the heart and the Capital City of Slovenia, and is one of the most breath-taking cities in Europe. More at: Beautiful Ljubljana: Capital City of Slovenia


    Tower Bridge, London
  • Capital of the UK, London has hundreds of visitor attractions in the heart of it's city centre including its famous London landmarks such as Tower Bridge, the Tower of London itself and St Paul's Cathedral.
  • London has become an expensive place to buy property. Lets look at some of the most affluent areas and we can dream. 3 Most Expensive Areas to Live in London.
  • With many different attractions, restaurants, theatres and plenty of night life there is something for every type of tourist to experience. London City Break. and London City Break Guide. offer some alternatives.
  • When you're treating yourself to a break in the capital you really want to make sure that you choose a hotel that offers something a little bit special. 5 unique and unusual places to stay in London.
  • Madrid

    Madrid, the Spanish capital, is a charming city with a remarkable cultural heritage Madrid - Capital of Spain


    Situated in north west England, Manchester is seen by many as the 'capital' of the north of England. More at: A guide to Manchester, Day Trip to Manchester, Things to do in Manchester this autumn, Best Places to Eat and Drink in Manchester.


    Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) is a great place to visit, and an even better place to be.More at: Magnificent Melbourne


    This vibrant and growing city has an incredible culture, great weather year-round, a spectacular food scene, and as much shopping as you can handle. More at: 5 Reasons Why Miami is the Perfect Place to Live

    Newcastle upon Tyne

    Newcastle upon Tyne is a city in north east England; its name which is usually shortened to Newcastle comes from the castle built in the area in 1080 by Robert II, Duke of Normandy. Read: A guide to Newcastle Newcastle is THE good time town in the North East, in fact, in the whole of England. More at: Why Newcastle is the UK's best party town for a Stag Weekend

    New York

    With so much to see and do in New York, it's hard to know where to begin - but just like any other major city, it's the people living in that are one of the most interesting attractions. More at: Famous Celebrities Born In New York


    Orlando, Florida is the ultimate theme park destination: The Best Orlando Has to Offer.

    Palma Majorca

    Palma is the capital city of Majorca and the island of Majorca's main port. More at: Palma Majorca


    Paris, the French capital is one of Europe's most popular destinations and provides some unique experiences. The city of lights is blessed with a great range of accommodation options from cheap and cheerful youth hostels to opulent luxurious hotels like the Four Seasons George V or the Ritz where the suites can go for as much as €15,000 a night!

    Pacific Northwest USA

    Majestic mountains, beautiful forests, and world-class cities dot the northwest. If youre looking to relocate, don't visit the Pacific Northwest when you can move there. See: Green Jobs & Unique Local Flavor: Move to the Pacific Northwest.

    Phoenix, AZ

    Essential Valley of the Sun Tips for Living In Downtown Phoenix. For shooters Ben Avery Shooting Range Facility in Phoenix, Ariz., is Disneyland for sport shooting enthusiasts. See Road Trip for Shooters: Arizona's Desert Beckons. Outside Phoenix, Papago is a desert oasis of sorts filled with wonderful things, yet remains fewer than 10 miles from Phoenix. Papago features a wealth of amenities, a beautiful landscape, and lots of nearby fun that's sure to offer something for every single. More at: Relocating? Try Papago Park, AZ

    Rennes, Brittany

    As the capital city of Brittany in Northern France, Rennes is often overlooked on the tourist trail, which is a pity because it's a beautiful city with plenty to see and do and a rich history just waiting to be explored. More at: Rennes


    Known as 'the Eternal City' Rome, the Italian capital, is one of the most varied and historic cities in Europe. Read about this fascinating city: Rome - Capital of Italy.


    A destination with a difference in England, Stoke-on-Trent also known as The Potteries because of its long association with the ceramics industry.


    Taipei and more at: Find Out Why There is So Much More To See in Taiwan

    Telluride, CO

    While the summer months bring outdoor food, music festivals and a wide variety of recreational opportunities like golf, hiking, rafting and fishing, the wintertime sparkles with beauty and vibrant energy as people flock to the world famous slopes, the town of Telluride and the famous Mountain Village. More at: Take a ride to Telluride, CO


    The towns on this island feature great attractions. More at: The Best Beaches of Tenerife, Spain


    Toronto is the largest city in Canada with a population of about 3 million (5 million in the greater area) and it keeps growing every year as it seems to be the first city of choice for immigrants from around the world: More at: Toronto, the New York City of Canada


    National Theatre, Tunis
    Tunis is the capital of North Africa's smallest country - Tunisia. Recently it has featured prominently on television screens around the world as demonstrations in its squares and boulevards were among the first in the 'Arab Spring'. More at: Tunis - North Africa


    Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the world's premiere destinations. More at: A Guide to the Best Vancouver Vacation Attractions, Vancouver, Hidden Jewel Of The Pacific Northwest and Beautiful Vancouver, City of the Sea & Mountains


    If you can't choose between a city break and a beach holiday you don't have to when you visit Valencia. More at: A Guide to Valencia


    From the Journal of Lady Tennyson: Weimar 1865

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