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5 Reasons Why Miami is the Perfect Place to Live

By Stephen Adams

Florida is home to approximately 19 million people, according to the United States Census Bureau. 2 million of the Florida population call Miami home, and for good reason. Miami Beach is considered the 6th most livable city, according to Livability. This vibrant and growing city has an incredible culture, great weather year-round, a spectacular food scene, and as much shopping as you can handle. While the entertainment is top notch, Miami also stands out as an excellent place to live due to many high quality schools, a wide array of industries calling Miami their home, and a variety of social events to connect with your local community, as Livability explains.

Miami's Nightlife

South Beach is your go-to Miami area for the high end nightclub experience that you've only dreamed of. Standout clubs such as Haven and Baoli bring in a variety of events, and include every amenity you could hope for when you're hopping from club to club and hitting lounges in between. You'll venture out for world class culinary delights, hear amazing DJs, and rub elbows with the many celebrities that make their way through Miami.

The Weather

According to City Data, 76 degrees is the average temperatures annually in Miami. This is perfect weather for those convertibles you'll be test driving while browsing for Miami used cars in those dealer lots. The mild weather and lack of snow means you don't have to worry about overtaxing an older vehicle or swapping between all-weather tires and snow tires. The beaches are great all year round, although you get less tourists occupying the sand when you wait for the off season to go to the beach.

The Foodie Scene

Miami's food scene continues to grow and gain recognition in the foodie world. There's cuisine for every preference here, with more than enough restaurants and food trucks for you to be eating at a new place every day for a year. Some particularly great places to keep an eye out for include Latin House Grill, which started out as a food truck but established itself as a restaurant due to its popularity, Om Nom Nom cookies, which is a bakery dedicated to serving gluten-free and vegan selections, and Mandolin Aegean Bistro, which services the locavores by featuring items with a focus on fresh and local. They even have their own garden onsite.

The Attractions

The beaches are the obvious main attraction to Miami, but this is not a one-note city. The Zoological WIldlife Foundation is an exotic animal rescue that provides tours to their guests, in order to teach about conservation and to help support their animal rescue efforts. The American Airlines Arena sees plenty of sports events, although the biggest are Miami Heat games. When you want shopping in one of the most creative neighborhoods in the city, Miami's Design District calls your name.


Miami isn't only for fun and games. It's an excellent area for raising a family too, with grade schools and high schools that are even rated a 10 at South Miami is an area with a particularly large selection of good public and private schools, so you have plenty of options when it comes to settling down in a place with your family.

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