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Liverpool Skyline

Situated on the river Mersey in the North-West of England, Liverpool is a major UK city with an important history as a transatlantic port when ocean liners were the most significant means of transport to the Americas. Liverpool is also a multicultural city, having absorbed large numbers of Irish immigrants and ethnic minorities and so many Welsh that it was known as the 'capital of North Wales.' This rich diversity has produced the distinctive scouse accent known the world over since the Beatles era.

Albert Dock Liverpool

The city has many fine municipal buildings dating from its period of maritime dominance. See some vintage postcard views of Liverpool that illustrate a selection of these buildings and the pride of the community then and now..

Garden tombs


Despite being a bustling, busy and changing city, the capital of India still retains many tranquil historical sites where the past comes alive. Old Delhi, Delhi: The Red Fort, Delhi Tombs are among the best.

The Parthenon, Athens


Capital of Greece, this is a great destination for the visitor. Tourist Athens includes the ruins of classical Greece, after all the image of Athens - home to the Parthenon is iconic For lovers of Greek cuisine there is a great choice of basic tavernas and sophisticated restaurants. Museums and smart shopping make Athens an all-year destination. makes minimal use of cookies, including some placed to facilitate features such as Google Search. By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to the use of cookies. Learn more here

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