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Strange Driving Laws Around the World

by Decklan Winston

offroad wheel

On average, the cost of a speeding ticket in the U.S. is $152, notes Statistic Brain. Seems legit. In Japan, a ticket for splashing a pedestrian while driving is $65. As bizarre as it sounds, many countries have hundreds of varying traffic laws and consequences for breaking them. Some of them were implemented by officials due to odd folk that were actually doing these not-so-common sense things. A lot of us would wonder why anyone would do these things. But, dear friends, common sense isn’t so common. Here are more bizarre laws that, if broken, could land you a hefty fine:

North American Laws

Roof racks are designed to hold those extra-large items that you are not able to fit inside your vehicle. However, in Alaska, an owner tied his pooch to the roof rack along with the skis and snowboards. Thankfully, there is now a law against this heinous act.

In Little Rock, Arkansas, it is illegal to honk your horn outside of a sandwich shop after 9 p.m. If your food order is taking a bit longer than you like, you will have to express your anger verbally instead of with your horn.

It is illegal to jump from a car in motion in Glendale, California. This will not only land you with a large fine, you would probably also have a large hospital bill.

Before you go off-roading in your car, truck or SUV, be aware that you will be considered a disturber of the peace, safety and general welfare in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Go mudding if you wish. But if you leave mud, dirt or any sticky residue on the roads, you can be fined up to $2,000.

North Carolina has a few interesting laws which show they have no faith in the common sense of humanity. Here, it is illegal for kids to play in traffic. Another law kindly reminds us that we cannot drive our vehicles on the sidewalk.

One of the most intriguing laws is the Stupid Motorist Law in Arizona. Sounds simple enough to understand but it mainly effects motorists who have purposely driven through areas that have either been blocked off or deemed not drivable due to flooding. So before you drive your BMW in Phoenix AZ during the rainy season, you may want to rethink your route.

European Laws

In Luxembourg, it is mandatory to have windshield wipers on your vehicle. An actual windshield is not required, however.

Pedestrians do not have the right of way in Beijing, China. If you are seen stopping for someone crossing the road, you can be fined up to five Yuan or issued a warning.

If you’re driving through Berlin, Germany without the required auto emissions sticker on your car, even if it’s a rental, you can be fined up to $60.

Women, beware of driving in Saudi Arabia. It is against the law to drive on public roads if you are female. This offense could get your arrested or even deported.

Be safe, have fun and most importantly, keep all of these rules and laws in mind before you drive through unfamiliar territories.

Decklan Winston Decklan is a travel writer originally from the UK, but now he feels like the world is his home.

Creative Commons image by bencrowe

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