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Palma Majorca

La Seu, Palma Majorca

La Seu, Palma Majorca

Palma is the capital city of Majorca and the island of Majorca's main port. It is on the south coast of the island, on the Bay of Palma with a population of around 383,000. The city's name came from the Romans who first set up a hilltop base in this area. There is very little that is Roman remaining, but some portions of the walls from this settlement can be seen around the city. Another wall was built by the Moors in the 10th Century in this area, but this is no longer standing.

The city's best landmark is the Gothic cathedral (La Seu) which dominates the waterfront. It is a very impressive building, and is very popular on local postcards of the area. The cathedral backs on to the old part of the city where there are a lot of other beautiful buildings to be seen from medieval to renaissance. The Banys Arabs - the old Moorish bath house is also worth a visit, although only part of it now remains.

A place many tourists like to visit is the Castell De Bellver - this circular castle is only about two kilometres from the city centre, and was built around 700 years ago. It is very well preserved and has three large towers. The castle is home to two museums, one the local history museum, and the other a collection of classical sculpture. A trip up to the roof affords visitors amazing views of the surrounding landscape including the city, the bay of Terreno and the surrounding countryside. The castle is quite unique and is considered a gothic marvel with its 500 steps that lead up the Puig de Sa Mesquida at one side of it. Don't worry though, you can get to it by road if you don't fancy climbing all those steps. Palma also has several other museums dotted around including a museum of dolls which is rather interesting.

If you enjoy shopping then the principal shopping area in Palma is Jaume III. On the main streets you will find plenty of fashion and jewellery shops and the side streets hold a vast array of other shops that are worth visiting too. La Rambla is where the flower market is held, and there are many terrace café's here where you can enjoy a drink or a bite to eat while watching the people as they pass by, and resting from all your shopping.

Palma may not be best known for its nightlife, but it definitely has one, The El Terreno area is probably the most lively area of Palma at night, but there are many eateries and bars all over the city where you can enjoy a drink or a meal from tapas to locally caught fresh fish and other less local dishes.

Accommodation in the city is varied, there are hotels in Palma to suit all budgets and costs.

Travelling to Palma from the UK is very easy with daily lights to Palma from virtually all airports across the UK and since Majorca is around 2 hours from the UK Palma makes an excellent short trip holiday destination.

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