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Fantastic Value Skiing

With skiing season just around the corner, youíll be wanting to know the most fabulous resorts for skiing this year. Bankso, Bulgaria; Balestrand, Norway; Bonhinj, Slovenia; and Kranjska Gora, Slovenia offer some very attractive ski resorts with tons of amenities and months of excellent snow coverage. Plus, when you plan your travel near the end or the start of the ski season, you can get very cheap last minute ski deals in these areas.


Bankso, Bulgaria

The Bansko Ski Resort features excellent snow coverage from December through May. Get your snow on with exhilarating outdoor activities like cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, and snowboarding. Snowboarders will find an array of snowboarding competitions going on throughout the season and will absolutely love the Balkans Fun Park, where snowboarders have the unique opportunity to create their very own one of a kind board jumps.

Balestrand, Norway

Enjoy many skiing options in vast and wide open areas at Balestrand, Norway. Itís also the perfect area to slow down a little and just soak in and enjoy the beautiful landscape with a little hiking. Youíll drive 8 km from Hoyanger. The runs will start at the Saurdral ski and recreation area. A run starts at 600 m, and you can travel 10 k. If you want the opportunity to do some exploring and just have a relaxing ski holiday, then Balestrand is the place.

The Bled Ski Resort features a tranquil, scenic lake with a beautiful church on its central island. This resort is fun for the whole family, regardless of skiing experience, since ski runs range from beginner to experienced.

Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora, which borders Triglav National Park, has some amazing skiing views. The close proximity to the park, forest, and Alps not only provides some amazing skiing scenery, but also makes it convenient for you to enjoy many non-skiing outdoor activities. The Podkoren, a male skiing competition for the coveted Vitranc Trophy, takes place each year at Kranjska Gora.

Bonhinj, Slovenia

Thereís certainly not a shortage of topnotch ski resorts in Slovenia. Just in the Bonhinj area, youíll find 92 pistes used by several different resorts. Although snow conditions are usually good, the artificial snow machines used by resorts in the Bonhinj area mean that skiers, snowboarders, and the alike can enjoy their winter activities even when the winter is mild. Extended stays are great, but the fact that many of the resorts are just a few hours away from the airport ensures weekend ski holidays go smoothly and arenít wasted with long airport commute times.

It doesnít matter if you grew up attached to a pair of skis or youíve never put a pair on before, youíll find that any of the above ski resort areas can offer you an ideal, cheap, and exciting skiing holiday.

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