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Finding the Best Accommodation

One of the most challenging aspects of any holiday is finding the best possible accommodation. This is particularly the case when visiting a new location, or taking a family or large group, where extra services may be required. The pressure is often on the person booking the holiday and it can become stressful without preparation - trying to anticipate the needs of the family and group and meet them all. So know from the start that it`s not possible to entirely please everyone, but you can elicit help and opinions and plan what you`re looking for before making that all-important booking!

Many of us have experienced horror stories in the past, either through direct experience or reported stories, of accommodations that looked good in the marketing brochures and then failed to live up to expectations. Common complaints centre around dirty rooms, noisy neighbours or surrounding building works, `creative` descriptions as to how far away the accommodation was situated to primary attractions and poor service from staff.

Happily, the advent of the internet has put a vast amount of information at our fingertips. This means that it`s possible to research accommodations and read reviews about its quality. There are a large number of forums which discuss accommodations and holidays all over the world, with reader reviews, ratings, photographs, comments and feedback. Just make sure that the comments you are reading are genuine and from a trusted site, as some review websites have recently been found to have been sponsored or biased according to the commercial interests behind them!

Another good route is to speak to friends and contacts for recommendations. Networks and word of mouth is often the most powerful way to get honest advice on good quality accommodations. Also consider using estate agents for your holiday bookings as they will have direct experience with local holiday recommendations in the area and will be able to offer advice based on your particular circumstances.

Remember that the best accommodation for one person may not be right for your group, so know what your objectives and goals are. Do you want a hotel close to all the nightlife? Are you looking for the flexibility that comes when you rent a private villa and have living quarters, privacy, a swimming pool and the knowledge that only your group will be staying on the premises? Are you looking for the absolute last word in luxury on site services, or are you after budget accommodation that will allow you to simply sleep on site and then explore the surroundings as much as possible? Defining your objectives will help you to understand what constitutes `best accommodation` in your eyes for a holiday and start to narrow down your search accordingly.

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