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Holiday Clothing Guide

What to pack, what to pack? Choosing holiday clothes often takes longer than organising the trip itself. Choosing the right holiday clothing is about packing clothes which are practical, suitable for the destination, look good and are preferably lightweight.

What`s the Weather?

Even if you are travelling to a reliably sunny location or a dependably damp city, do check the weather forecast just in case. Once you know the weather you can remove many of the `just in case` items. If the weather report is saying it`s going to be five days of warm sun, you only need one lightweight jacket and a jumper or cardigan. If it does look like it`s going to be wet there`s no point packing five pairs of shorts or skirts as you simply won`t wear them, Just remember a weather report is far more reliable than crossed fingers.

Cultural Factors?

The clothing you wear in your own home town may differ wildly from what is acceptable in your destination. This is not just about the difference in temperature but the difference in culture. In many countries a large amount of exposed flesh is frowned upon and in India for example, it`s important to keep the tops of your arms and legs covered.

Baggage Restrictions

Airlines restrict the weight you can take on holiday so it`s important to not include unnecessary items in your bag. If you are away for more than a few days, it`s always worth remembering that you can easily find a laundry service in most cities in the world. This means you don`t need to take enough clothes for every day as you can get them laundered half way through. Even if you are not travelling by plane but by train or coach for example, it`s worth taking as few items as you need to ensure you don`t have too much to carry. A good way to cut down on weight is by taking clothes which double up for day and evening wear. A black cotton summer dress for example, can be airy and carefree with flip flops during the day but jazzed up with the right shoes and accessories for evening wear.

Looking Good

Holidays are special so it`s important to feel good in what you wear. Before you leave treat yourself to one or two new items so you have something fab to wear for a night out. If you are heading to a beach location some new surf wear or to a party place then perhaps a new dress.

Packing the right selection of clothes for a holiday is a prime way to cut out any potential stress. There`s nothing worse than spending a wet weekend with no raincoat or a hot one without a sun hat. Clothes need to be suitable, practical and lightweight where possible. A new item such as great dress or a new pair of shoes will help you feel good on your travels and remember to leave some space in the bag if you plan on doing any shopping...

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