Auckland, New Zealand's Adventure City!



New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and with amazing cities like Christchurch and Wellington it's easy to see why. All throughout the year, millions of people visit New Zealand, not only because of the stunning beaches and excellent Kiwi hospitality, but also for the cultural diversity of the cities.

Auckland is well known for its thriving nightlife and cosmopolitan vibe, and whether you're into jet boating or bungee jumping, there's more than enough here to keep you entertained. Let's take a look at some of the best attractions to experience in Auckland this year.

The Sky Tower

Adrenaline junkies take note: Auckland's Sky Tower is one of the most heart-stopping attractions in the city. With 200m meters of air either side, and no handrails either, the SkyWalk offers a spectacular view of the city. Although you're safety suit is connected firmly to the building by harnesses, you won't even feel them until you get too close to the edge, making this an amazing free-walking experience. After seeing Auckland from this height, there will be no need to check out the city's attractions via Google Earth anymore.


Looking out over Muriwai Beach, you'll be able to see why Auckland has such a great love for yachting, however getting the full open sea experience can be expensive to say the least. That's where blokarting comes in, and you'll be able to join in with the city's love affair without getting your body wet! Blokarts offers you the chance to see the shoreline by land-yachting, and with controls that are very easy to work, you'll be speeding across the sand in no time.

Canyoning on the West Coast

The Blue Canyon is a hotspot for cave divers and rock climbers, and although the area is concealed in the lush green forests looking out over the beaches, the natural beauty bestowed upon this canyon can't be missed. From natural swimming pools to cascades, and even waterfalls, there are some amazing sights to see in Blue Canyon, and there are daily tours on offer if you want to bring your family along. Surrounded by nature, with birds flying all around you and stunning landscapes on all sides, canyoning on the West Coast is a must-do activity when visiting Auckland.

A Leap of Faith

The harbour bridge in Auckland is so big, that it can take up to 12 years just to give it a single coat of paint! Thankfully, the city is trying to speed up the process by offering people the chance to paint it for themselves! They also take this experience one step further, and allow people to bungee jump off the bridge too! As the rock music pumps out of the nearby speakers, your feet are secured and the river below is checked for boat traffic. Finally, as you edge yourself off the bridge and fall towards the impending water, the rush is like nothing else you'll ever experience.

The Rough Guide to New Zealand

The Rough Guide to New Zealand
by Paul Whitfield, Tony Mudd, Catherine Le Nevez
  Detailed accounts of every attraction along with crystal-clear maps and plans will show you the very best New Zealand has to offer: from white-sand beaches and vast kauri trees in the north to the hairline fiords and penguin colonies in the south.
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