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Papago Park

Papago Park

Relocating? Try Papago Park, AZ

by Ethan Freeman

Scottsdale Chic Meets Southwest Zest at Papago Park, located in Scottsdale. Papago is a desert oasis of sorts filled with wonderful things, yet remains fewer than 10 miles from Phoenix. Papago features a wealth of amenities, a beautiful landscape, and lots of nearby fun that's sure to offer something for every single.

Start With a Home

With a handful of different home types and price-points peppering the Phoenix area, there's a great chance you'll find one near Papago Park that is just your style. Choices include single-family residences, townhouses, condos, apartments, lofts, twin homes and patio homes. Modular and manufactured homes round out the mix.

Want Some Hot New Wheels?

Remember the convertible you always wanted? Now is the time to get it. With about 300 days of sun per year, the climate is simply screaming for one. Even if it's not a new convertible you want, a new car is easy to buy at nearby dealerships. Phoenix Hyundai can provide that convertible or other vehicle with your new most important feature: heavy duty air conditioning.

Show Off Those Gams

Temperatures throughout the year stay on the very mild side, with an average temp of 73 degrees. Skirts or shorts will definitely be a wardrobe staple, though you're still going to need longer garments for winter's chill. You might not need your wooly mammoth fur coat, but you're going to need pants.

Get Out and Play!

You'll won't fall into a rut and stay home when Papago Park beckons with its open stretch of Arizona desert. Papago Park offers gads of activities for singles, couples and families alike, the Disney Family website says. Hiking, biking, fishing or simply mediating beneath a saguaro are just a few of your options. Besides, you won't want to stay home after a hard day's work when you see the relaxation sauntering through the park can bring.

Romance Awaits You

Many of the park's activities make for an ideal date, especially since activity-oriented dates help avoid those awkward date silences. You two will be too busy hiking, biking or fishing to worry about what to say next. Pack a picnic and head to Ramada 16, where Fodor's says you'll find Governor Hunt's Tomb. This white pyramid pays tribute to the past elected official while offering a killer view.

An even more romantic killer view can be yours at night when the sky comes alive. Arizona in general is one of the most amazing states for sky viewing, and you'll be able to see stars you may not even realize existed shimmering over the park.

Variety Abounds

Just because you'll be living near a large, untainted desert park doesn't mean you'll be out in the boonies. Scottsdale boasts galleries, shops and bars, while nearby Phoenix boasts even more of them. If live sporting events make you cheer, Papago Park is home to the stadium where the Oakland A's do their spring training. The Phoenix metro area also boasts professional NBA, NHL and NFL teams so you can see your favorite sport live throughout the year.

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