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Michelin Travel Guide Spain

Michelin Green Guide Spain
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Top Ten Mallorca
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Mediterranean Islands

Skopelos Town, Sporades

Old Town, Skopelos, Sporades Islands, Greece

Mediterranean Islands

The Mediterranean islands offer a rich variety of sights, cultures, cuisines and cultures. Nowhere on earth is so much history concentrated in and around a single sea. The Mediterranean is the birthplace of western civilization and there is plenty of archaeology left to see along with some of the best beaches, walks and nightlife in the world.

Mediterranean Food

The Mediterranean diet is particularly healthy with its reliance on olive oil, fresh vegetables and fish. There are strong themes running throughout the different cuisines of the region reflecting the historical background, agricultural traditions and climate. For example, pitta bread served with humous (crushed chick peas, olive oil and tahini) and olives is a common snack served from Greece to North Africa.

Mediterranean Climate

The Mediterranean climate is sub-tropical and generally pleasant. Summers are hot and dry, with seasonal strong winds from North Africa. Winters are generally mild but wetter with occasional stormy conditions. The normally placid Mediterranean sea can be whipped into a surprisingly rough body of water outside the summer months.

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