Madeira: Car Tours and Walks (Landscapes)

Madeira: Car Tours and Walks (Landscapes)
by John Underwood, Pat Underwood
  THE book that made walking on Madeira so popular. In print since 1981, with over half a million copies sold. Pocket-sized and in full colour, the guide describes six car tours (with fold-out touring map), highlighting places where you can stop for a walk or just a stroll to a lovely picnic setting. But the major part of the book is devoted to 100 different long and short walk routes, illustrated with large-scale topographical maps (1:40,000). More information and prices from: - British pounds - US dollars - Canadian dollars - Euros - Euros

Madeira Tour & Trail Map 5th Edition

Madeira Tour & Trail Map 5th Edition
by David Brawn, Ros Brawn
  Main changes/updates included in the new 5th Edition are: inclusion of all the walking routes from Shirley Whitehead's Madeira Walks guide book. - correction of some place and levada names. - updated notes on the old roads replaced by new tunnel roads on the north coast, west coast and to Curral das Freiras. - realignment of streets in Nazare region of Funchal. More information and prices from: - British pounds - Euros - Euros

Madeira Insight Guide

Madeira Insight Guide
  This 278-page guidebook to Madeira presents the country's highlights in a comprehensive format, illustrated with hundreds of stunning full-colour photographs and comprehensive maps. It is an inspiring background read and serves as an invaluable, on-the-spot companion - but can also be kept as a superb, visual souvenir of a visit. Incisive essays focus on Madeira's history, people culture and photo features show the island's fascinating attractions, ranging from its legendary sweet wine to its complex patchwork of terraces. Detailed, cross-referenced maps allow you to quickly pin point areas and sites mentioned in the guide and section of Travel Tips incorporates all the travel details and contact numbers visitors will need.
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Funchal, Madeira

Funchal, Madeira

Funchal, Madeira

Funchal is the capital of Madeira, an autonomous province of Portugal located in the Atlantic Ocean.

Lady Isabel Burton (The Romance of Isabel, Lady Burton: The True Story of Her Life ) gave an enchanting description of her first sight of Madeira in 1863:

"We dropped our anchor a quarter of a mile from the town of Funchal. We rose at six, had a cup of coffee, packed up our water-proof bags, and went on deck to get a first glimpse of Madeira. A glorious sight presented itself, producing a magical effect upon the cold, wet, dirty, sea-sick passenger who had emerged from his atrocious native climate but ten days before. Picture to yourself a deep blue sky, delicately tinted at the horizon, not a cloud to be seen, the ocean as blue as the Mediterranean. There was a warm sun, and a soft and sweet-smelling breeze from the land, as of aromatic herbs. Arising out of the bosom of the ocean in splendour, a quarter of a mile off, but looking infinitely less distant, were dark mountain masses with fantastic peaks and wild, rugged sides, sharply defined against the sky and streaked with snow, making them resemble the fanciful castles and peaks we can imagine in the clouds. The coast to the sea is thick with brilliant vegetation; dark soil- basalt and red tufa are its colours - with the variegated green of fir, chestnut, dark pine forests, and the gaudy sugar-cane. Here and there a belt of firs runs up a mountain, winding like a serpent, and is its only ornament. Wild geraniums, and other flowers which only grow in a hot house in England, and badly too, are in wild luxuriance here."

"The island appears to be dotted everywhere with churches, villas, and hamlets - little gardens and patches of trees intermingled with them. There are three immense ravines, deep and dark; and these with all the pleasant additions of birds, butterflies, and flowers of every sort and colour, a picturesque, good-humoured peasantry busy on the beach, and a little fleet of fishing-boats, with their large white lagoon sails, like big white butterflies on the blue water. Most of the capes are immense precipices of rock."

Funchal market

Covered market, Funchal, Madeira

Today, Funchal is a bustling city of 160,000 people with an excessive amount of traffic. The main roads can be busy but the town has many quiet areas and traffic can be fairly easily avoided

Some of the best views of Funchal can be observed from the cable car that takes visitors from the seafront to the mountain village of Monte. The cable cars run over Funchal's rooftops up the steep slope of the mountain. You can walk, bus or tobbogan back to town.

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Funchal, Madeira

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Madeira and Porto Santo (Rough Guide DIRECTIONS)

Madeira and Porto Santo (Rough Guide DIRECTIONS)
by Matthew Hancock
  Make the most of your time with "Rough Guide Directions Madeira". Slim, stylish and pocketable, the guide is an up-to-date, authoritative and user-friendly companion to this stunning Portuguese outpost. Full-colour and richly illustrated throughout, the guide highlights the best Madeira has on offer from wild mountains to precipitous valleys and the most beautiful walks on which to adsorb it all - giving you inspiration for things to do, 24 hours a day.You'll find accurate information on the regions top attractions from exploring the streets of the islands historical capital, Funchai, to the vast expanse of superb sand on Porto Santo as well as the regions leisure highlights and most unspoilt, architectural and child-friendly attractions. The guide features up-to-date listings of all the hottest new places to stay, eat, drink, club, shop and enjoy the wide array of leisure activities on offer to suit all budgets, and comes complete with comprehensive maps to help you find your way around.
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