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Eastern Prince Edward Island

March 26 2005 - Eastern Prince Edward Island is to offer new vacation experiences. The Municipality of Central Kings is planning to create a water trail for canoeing and kayaking along the Boughton River. The water trail development is a project that has been identified as an eco-tourism venture that is sure to please both the active traveler and PEU residents. There will also be a small waterfront park, walking and horse trails, signage and viewing platforms for the Forest Hill Wildlife Management Area.

The Municipality of Central Kings includes the localities of Albion Cross, Bridgetown, Dingwells Mills, Dundas, Mount Hope, Popular Point and Upton. The residents of Central Kings have contributed ideas to highlight the area as a prime tourist destination through community surveys, interviews and meetings.

"Like many areas of the Island, this region of Eastern PEI boasts natural features that are unique to our province. Establishing Eco-tourism infrastructure in these areas will produce economic benefits, build stronger rural communities and advance sustainable development," said the Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, on behalf of the Government of Canada. "The challenge is not simply encouraging visitors to travel to our Island; the key is to entice them to stay longer. Creating experience-based trips will ensure longer visits to the Island."

"This area of the province has long been appreciated by those in the know - now it will be appreciated by Islanders and visitors alike," said Development and Technology Minister Mike Currie. "As we have seen in other areas, the benefits of eco-developments go beyond the projects themselves; they encourage business development in the area, which in turn encourages job creation. I am pleased to support this excellent initiative on the part of this community - they have done an excellent job in coming together to design this development."

"We have been searching for creative options to draw more visitors to Central Kings; these ideas have been both creative and environmentally conscience. This project has become a reality thanks to the input from local residents and feedback and guidance from the Boughton River Watershed group. We are pleased that our project will generate an increase in visitor traffic and that this will produce economic spin offs throughout eastern PEI," said Bruce MacLennan, Chair of the development committee. "This project will benefit the tourism industry and with respect to healthy lifestyles, it will improve the quality of life enjoyed by residents of Central Kings and the surrounding communities."

Funding for the project:

* The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA). ACOA will provide a non-repayable contribution of $259,875 under the Strategic Communities Investment Fund (SCIF) to the project. makes minimal use of cookies, including some placed to facilitate features such as Google Search. By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to the use of cookies. Learn more here

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