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Why a cruise is the perfect option for solo travel

More holidaymakers than ever are choosing to travel solo. Figures for single traveller holidays have increased year on year since 2013 and are now a huge market for holiday providers.

Benefits of single travel vary from person to person; some may appreciate the peace and quiet of holidaying alone without having to compromise on any decisions, whilst others relish the opportunity to meet new people and try new experiences. What is universal, however, is that single travel is a growing market. So, if you're toying with the idea of going solo, read these top tips from independent cruise specialists ROL Cruise.

Be confident

You may be met with some cynicism when you tell friends and family that you are heading off on a solo cruise holiday, but ignore the sceptics! Single holidays are incredibly popular and any scepticism you may be met with could actually be disguised envy. On a single cruise holiday, you need not cater to anyone's wishes but your own. If you want to sunbathe on the deck all day, then you can; alternatively, if you want to spend your days out of the sun, visiting the different places of interest at each port, you can!

The world is your oyster

There are few areas of the globe that today's cruise holidays do not cover. Travelling solo can come with certain safety risks, especially for women travellers. On a cruise ship, however, you have your own private room and staff are always on hand to cater to any needs you might have. Furthermore, excursions on land are planned and guided by a knowledgeable member of staff, meaning you will never be put into an unknown situation in a foreign country.

Make new friends

On a cruise holiday, every minute of the day there are opportunities to socialise and meet new people. You can choose to go along to organised 'single' events and mixers, or you can choose to meet new friends more organically on excursions or during meal times. One thing that's certain is that you're sure to form a friendship on board a cruise ship as you're surrounded by many like-minded travellers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Ignore the sceptics - solo holidays are a great way to travel. Cruise exerts ROL Cruise suggest why you should book a cruise for your next single holiday. makes minimal use of cookies, including some placed to facilitate features such as Google Search. By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to the use of cookies. Learn more here

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