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Michigan Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff

Michigan Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff
by Colleen Burcar
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Honeymooning in New York: An Amazing Adventure

by Charles Zwick

New York can be an excellent honeymoon spot for young newlyweds on the go. The amount of activities, sightseeing, museums, monuments, restaurants and bars is staggeringly high. Because of everything to see and do, it helps to visit the Big Apple with a budget of several thousand dollars.

The average honeymoon cost is about $4,500 for an average 8-day honeymoon for a couple, according to Real Size Bride. More than half the couples surveyed pay at least 90 percent of the honeymoon with their own money, usually paying for it about four months before the wedding.

But even if your honeymoon budget isn't up in that ballpark, you can still visit New York with your spouse and take in an amazing number of sights to see and do. That's because New York is a city for people and activities. You want free activities? Check out the free museum days in New York, or stroll around Central Park for an afternoon. Buy a week-long subway pass and use the greatest underground transit system in the world to get you from points A, B and C and back again. You can even use your subway pass to take a ride out to Coney Island and the Atlantic Ocean.

As honeymooners, you likely already have a hit list of things to do in New York while there. But if not, try out these activities for fun and long-lasting memories in New York City:

Central Park Rides

Tourists know of Central Park's carriage rides at the southern end of the park. But did you know there's a kid's zoo in Central Park? Did you know about the public swimming pool at the park's north end? How about the carousel in the middle? This 843-acre oasis for New Yorkers, tourists and everyone else offers a little something for everyone. In the summer, there are often both free and paid concerts to attend. In the fall, when the leaves are changing colors is the most idyllic time of all. Make sure to go to the less crowded northern section of the park, and stroll through the Ramble for beautiful colors. Or simply keep it real with a carriage ride for your and your spouse.

Bow Bridge, Central Park, NYC

Photo of Bow Bridge in Central Park by Flickr user Francisco Diez

On Broadway

Ah, Times Square and the Broadway Lights, 42nd street and all its entertainment history. Pick at least one night to see a Broadway play. Dress to the nines (sevens are OK, too) and take in any number of star-filled shows available on Broadway. Check out classic, long-running hits like "Mamma Mia!" to newer productions like the Broadway musical "Book of Mormon" for a guaranteed great night out. Local theatergoers often hang out at at the backstage door after the show to catch a quick sighting and maybe a hello from the play's stars. It's often best to buy your tickets in advance of your honeymoon trip. But if your negotiating skills are up to snuff, and you're seeing a lesser-known play, try your luck online for same-day tickets, which are often 50 percent less than face value.


Photo by Martin Dürrschnabel via Wikimedia Commons

Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island

This trip could take an entire day, so plan accordingly. But if you and your spouse love American history, a day trip to these two connected destinations is essential for any visit to New York. Learn about the immigrant role in American culture, and how New York's Harbor once played a vital role in bringing our forefathers to this country.

Statue of Liberty

Photo by Flickr user aa7ae

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