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Wooden Log Cabins

Dreaming of holidays in the Canadian Rockies or 'On Golden Pond' lakeside getaways you are bound to think of cosy wooden log cabins. However, such destinations need time and money. We can't all afford long-distance travel and second homes. But we can consider our very own getaway cabin much nearer home, easy to get to and at a reasonable price - situated right here in the garden.

Building a log cabin

Wooden buildings have been in existence for thousands of years, ever since human beings were able to cut down trees with stone tools and turn the resulting logs into construction materials. Pioneers around the world have done the same and so can you if you have the requisite skills and fancy a 'project' for your spare time. Builders merchants and DIY stores can supply all the necessary materials and deliver to your door. Enjoy! Seriously, though, most of us do not have the confidence, skills or inclination to do this. Much simpler to buy one ready-made or in kit form.

Choosing a log cabin

Log cabins and other kinds of summer houses come in a range of styles, shapes and sizes. You can select from a variety of wooden log cabins to suit your budget and available space. Points to consider include the quality of construction, level of water-proofing, heat insulation and wood preservation. You may feel happier if the wood comes from sustainable forestry.

Log cabin, summer house or shed?

No matter what kind of timber building you choose for your garden, you have the opportunity to use indoor space away from the house. Depending on your priorities, choose a structure that allows you to maximise the potential for leisure, socialising, work or storage. The traditional man's shed can be very useful but also isolating - fine for solitary pottering and seed-planting but not popular with partners and probably not the best idea for successul long-term relationships.

Making the most of your log cabin

The advantage of a log cabin is that it can be warm and cosy throughout much of the year, giving you that alternative space and 'get away' feeling in which to work, read or simply enjoy the garden. You can write that first blockbuster novel you've had within you for years, beaver away at your favourite craft or admire your handiwork in the garden and plan ahead for the next year of horticultural triumphs. makes minimal use of cookies, including some placed to facilitate features such as Google Search. By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to the use of cookies. Learn more here

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