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Victorian Cookery: Recipes and History

Victorian Cookery: Recipes and History
by Maggie Black
  With more than 30 recipes covering the whole range of Victorian society, this book gives a fascinating insight into the way food was prepared and enjoyed by our ancestors.
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More Victorian Plum Recipes

From 'The Dictionary of Daily Wants' - 1859

Plum Cake - Four Victorian Recipes

PLUM JAM. - Cut some ripe plums to pieces, put them into a preserving pan, bruise them, with a spoon, warm them over the fire till they are soft, and press them through a cullender. Boil the jam for an hour, stir it well, add six ounces of fine powdered sugar to every pound of jam, and take it off the fire to mix it. Then heat it ten minutes, put it into jars, and sift some fine sugar over it.

PLUMS PRESERVED. - Select the sort called magnum bonum. Set them over a slow fire in spring water until they begin to peel, keeping them under the water; peel and put them into a jar with thin syrup, which must cover them, or otherwise they will be discoloured. The next day boil the syrup, then put in the plums and give them a gentle boil. Let them stand till cold, then repeat the process ; turn them in the syrup until nearly cold. Take out the plums, strain the syrup, add more sugar, and skim it well; put in the plums, boil them till they are clear, then pot them, and cover them with paper.

Plum Pudding

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