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Victorian Cookery: Recipes and History

Victorian Cookery: Recipes and History
by Maggie Black
  With more than 30 recipes covering the whole range of Victorian society, this book gives a fascinating insight into the way food was prepared and enjoyed by our ancestors.
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Peppermint - Victorian Recipes

From 'The Dictionary of Daily Wants' - 1859

PEPPERMINT CORDIAL. - To make five gallons of this cordial, take three and a quarter gallons of rectified spirit, three pounds of loaf sugar, a gill of spirit of wine, four pennyweights of oil of peppermint; fill up the cask with water until the quantity becomes five gallons rouse it well, and set the cask on end.

PEPPERMINT DROPS. - Pound and Sift a quarter of a pound of double-refined sugar, and beat it with the whites of two eggs till perfectly smooth; add sixty drops of oil of peppermint, beat it well, drop it on white paper, and dry it at a distance from the fire.

PEPPERMINT LOZENGES. - Take two pounds of loaf sugar, two ounces of fine starch, and a few drops of essence of peppermint; mix these ingredients with gum tragacanth ; form into drops, and bake.

PEPPERMINT WATER. - Take of the herb of peppermint, dried, a pound and a half, and as much water as will prevent it from burning; after seething, distil off a gallon, and bottle for use.

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