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Key Texts That Will Improve Your Property Gains

Due to the economic slump of recent years, property prices are extremely low, when compared to their values in more prosperous times. For the keen investor, this presents an excellent business opportunity - the ability to buy property at low prices and then sell or rent for big profits. It is a phenomenon sweeping over the US and UK, and is rapidly gaining market traction. The property market is unique, in that it bypasses the typical selling traps seen within other markets. Trends will always come and go, shifting and shaping what is profitable within any given market. However, property enjoys greater longevity than most markets; it is something everybody requires. Everybody needs somewhere to live or host a business, therefore there will always be a demand for property. With the current property prices relatively low, now is the perfect time to get involved, and the literature outlined below will help you.

The Timeshare Coach - Carl Garwood

It was suspected that the reduction in the price of holiday accommodation would mean the death of the timeshare property. However, for savvy investors who are unwilling to spend on accommodation, when they could part own a holiday property for a period of the year instead, the timeshare is still proving a logical investment. However, there will come a time when this investment will need to be sold, perhaps for a change of scenery, or maybe for financial reasons. The Timeshare Coach acts as a guide and motivator for when the time comes to sell your timeshare, expertly highlighting how to close that all important deal. The reader is instructed to imagine that the coach is 'speaking to you and you alone...motivating you to reach that new level in your timeshare career'. While this work is aimed primarily at people who make a living from timeshares, it also contains useful information that can benefit anyone looking to invest on a solely personal level. Timeshares make financial sense for many people, and the internet makes it easier than ever to find great rates on timeshared properties, which are useful tools for anyone looking to enter the game. With that being said, there is an extremely lucrative market within the practice of buying-to-let.

Successful Property Letting: How To Make Money in Buy-to-Let - David Lawrenson

Written by property renting expert David Lawrenson, this book guides readers on how to be successful in the renting market. It explores, in exhaustive detail, all the possibilities a landlord has when renting, such as whether to use an agency or rent totally independently. The book's main focus is on the UK property market, but it contains invaluable information applicable to anyone looking to purchase property with the intention of renting, regardless of whichever side of the Atlantic they are on. Such gems of information include tips on how to scout for a profitable location, how to deal with contractors if the property needs refurbishing, and how to find the perfect tenants. All in all, solid advice that will help you keep your property investment protected and successful.

Big Profits from Small Properties: How to Achieve Financial Independence by Investing in Real Estate - Michael Heeney

This is a book that recognises the unique opportunities the current economic climate presents for property investors. Tailored for the American market, this book guides readers on how to build a multi-property empire, covering such subjects as hiring managers to share the workload. This is an ambitious work, but supports its claims with examples on how to profit from well maintained apartments, what repairs are worth spending more on, how to finance refurbishments, and something that is frequently taken for granted, how to collect rent. This is a comprehensive work, constructed by someone with a wealth of experience in the real estate game.

Overall thoughts

These are just some key, hand-picked texts and by no means constitute a comprehensive list. Property investments take many shapes and forms; some are short term and offer a quick profit, others take more time, money and manpower. Either way, real estate is a great sector to be involved in, and these readings will offer anyone looking out to branch out into the property market a good place to start, and will continue to offer them authoritative and relevant information all the way through their venture. makes minimal use of cookies, including some placed to facilitate features such as Google Search. By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to the use of cookies. Learn more here

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